Unique models for a unique warlord


This Chief Apothecary was assembled using 7 different kits to find that special standout look we were searching for.
We understand how important it is to have exclusive models in your force and we would love to help you obtain the best possible conversions for your tabletop and collecting needs.

Perhaps you'd want your army's new General to be a one-of-a-kind centerpiece. Or a heroic sergeant from your favorite squad is just begging for an individual set of components that would make him stand out from the rest.

Converting is however a very serious process and requires a lot of skill, a beautiful model can easily be ruined by a sloppy conversion - that's why it's always better to leave that work to the professionals.

And we got you covered - our team's members are experts at finding the right bits for the right model and connecting it all together to form a beautiful (or sometimes horrid and terrifying, depending on the requirements) result.

Prices for the conversions are directly dependent on the complexity of the required transformation. We will be able to calculate the exact price of the desired conversion as soon as we have all the details.
Case Study - DW Bladeguard Veterans
These 3 warriors were assembled each from a completely different kit and we haven't even touched the original BG veteran box to create them. All the bits were carefully chosen to reflect the spirit of Deathwatch Bladeguard veterans with centuries of experience in warfare each, carrying both symbols of their parent chapter and xenos trophies from battles long lost in history of endless war.
Is it possible to use 3rd-party bits for my conversions?
Yes, surely! There are some wonderful bits manufacturers for the 40K, AoS and other tabletop universes out there. We constantly monitor all the catalogs in search of new and exciting components for the conversions and do our best to keep a profound collection of parts for the clients that want something special for their models, however sometimes when the client needs some bits we don't have in stock - there may be delays due to manufacturing/shipping of necessary parts. You will be notified of that in advance.
Can you design and create a conversion from scratch, with minimal guidelines?
Yes! In fact, that's one of our favorite things to do. If you decide to order a conversion and leave all the difficult decisions to us - we will do our best to understand the idea of the model you want to get and breath some life into it with all our collective knowledge and sense of taste. However, this is a risky procedure - as the final result may quite possibly differ from what you've initially expected.