A building is only as strong as its foundation...
A poorly made base can tone down even a beautifully painted miniature, that's why we here at vf.miniatures treat basing work just as seriously as any other, ensuring that all the bases fit the models perfectly, both stylistically and physically. We can create pretty much any base you can imagine, or try and find a fitting style of bases ourselves - if it's not something that you'd want to think about.

There are four basing tiers to choose from: Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond. They all can be mixed and matched throughout your painting commission for the best balance of price and complexity. It is important to note that paintjob levels and base levels are not equal.

Below you will find the approximate price list for bases of the first 3 levels. Diamond tier bases can't really be calculated in advance - we will be able to tell you the price when we have the design on hand.

If a model comes with a pre-sculpted base (common occurrence among character models e.g.) and you want us to use that base for the model - let us know in you initial quote request and we will gladly calculate the price of a paint job for it.
Emerald tier
Perfect choice for the main bulk of an army - your troops, beasts, swarms.
Includes a basic foundation of sand or texture paste highlighted and washed to add depth and contrast to the piece, with some grass tufts if necessary.
Sapphire tier
A step up from the Emerald level - ideal for the elite units and most of the characters. Here we will do our best to give the base more visual weight and presence using cork and stones, covered with texture paints, with multiple stages of highlighting and shading.
Ruby tier
When you really want to spice the bases up - great choice for your favorite models and most important characters. All the things included in the previous tiers with additional battlefield debris, enemy heads and weapons fully painted to match the style of basing in your army. May also include more complex patterns like wood, lava, ice and etc.
Diamond tier
La crème de la crème.
This level has almost no boundaries - the base can easily be more complex than the model itself. All the bases of this level will be developed individually together with you in order to find the best solutions possible for your artistic goal.
Basing prices
Can I provide my own bases?
Of course! We can paint up your models and glue them to the bases that you provide us with or simply send them back to you to do the basing yourself.
Do you work with pre-sculpted resin bases?
Yes, we do! We can paint up bases like that whichever way you prefer. Note however, that the quality of such bases will directly affect the quality of the basing, so we recommend to check all the bases you send us thoroughly before shipping. If some bases reach our studio in a state worse than required by our studio's standards - we will contact you to arrange replacements for those particular bases.