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For a work of art to be great - canvas is just as important as the pigments.
Here at vf.miniatures we value the importance of smooth curves and surfaces on a model and put as much effort into preparing the model for painting as into the paint job itself. Our staff are experts at drilling, gluing, cutting, slicing and polishing even the most complicated and inaccessible of surfaces.

Prices for assembly of models include: cutting models of the sprues, cleaning all the mould lines and attachment points, drilling gun barrels and exhaust pipes (if needed), and gluing all the necessary parts together.
If the models require individual assembly instructions, such as e.g. specific combinations of heads/torsos/legs or specific posing - it all can be added to the specifications sheet.
Assembly&Cleaning prices
Do you offer magnetization?
Yes, we do! We can magnetize weapons on your tanks, infantry and etc., wings on your big flying monsters, backpacks and jump packs, heads and so much more. Price of magnetization can vary depending on the complexity of the bit in question, but in general we charge around 1.00 USD for a small 1-3 mm magnet (incl. drilling, installation and materials).
How much does painting extra magnetized bits cost?
We do charge extra for all the additional bits that need to be painted. In some cases (as with Assault/Devastator Centurions in the gallery above e.g.) the quantity of extra bits that need to be painted is such that they can equal if not (in rare cases) overtake the host models at hours of extra work needed and therefore extra cost. We usually provide recommendations in such cases on which bits it's economical to magnetize from our experience.
Do you offer Assembly&Cleaning for models that won't require any other services in the studio? (Assembly&Cleaning only)
No, unfortunately painting is a mandatory service for models processed in our studio. We are a commission painting studio after-all :)
Can I build models myself?
This may be an option, however there are a couple of difficulties to consider:
1) The models will need to be fully cleaned and assembled according to the standards of our studio.
2) If in the initial quote request you state that you want to assemble the models yourself - we will send you the list of criteria that the models will have to match.
3) If for some reason the models reach our studio in a state that doesn't match some of the stated criteria - our team will contact you to organise the Assembly&Cleaning procedures necessary to go ahead with the commission, without which the models will have to be rejected from the studio and the commission cancelled.